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The Million Word Crossword Answer Book

Reviews from the Crossword Experts

"There are over a million reasons to be ecstatic about this book... When you're holding the answers to over a million questions in your hand, you have an awesome sense of power. Try it!"
-- Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, Boston Globe and Atlantic Monthly crossword creators

"The Million Word Crossword Answer Book is a bonanza, the ultimate reference aid for crossword solvers. It not only contains every possible word or phrase when the solver has two letters to work with, but also a glossary of definitions (never before included) for the word being sought. This is a must for every crossword fan."
-- Maura Jacobson, New York Magazine crossword creator

"The perfect companion to Newman and Stark's The Million Word Crossword Dictionary. The 'word-finder' format focuses on the answers only, so you can find the answers you're after, no matter what the clue might be. And the authors have done a masterful job in assembling and choosing their million answers. Every word you're ever likely to need is here."
-- Fred Piscop, Washington Post Magazine crossword editor



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