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The Million Word Crossword Dictionary

The only crossword dictionary endorsed by all of America's leading puzzle professionals!

The full version of the excerpted comments that appear on the back of the book:

“Quite simply the most comprehensive and painstakingly researched crossword dictionary I've ever seen - and I've seen them ALL. American crossword puzzles have evolved enormously over the past 40 years, yet most crossword dictionaries have remained mired in the past. Finally, here's a crossword dictionary for today's crossword fan. Long overdue but well worth the wait, this is the only crossword dictionary you'll ever need.”
- Merl Reagle, crossword creator, San Francisco Chronicle

“This book is unlike any crossword reference I've ever seen. It's a dozen or more of your favorite references all rolled into one. Besides the most comprehensive list of synonyms I've ever seen, there are famous names, TV shows, movies, drama, music - nary a stone unturned. A must for the crossword aficionado.”
- Rich Norris, crossword editor, The Los Angeles Times

The Million Word Crossword Dictionary is a one-book library - the most comprehensive, accurate, and useful book I have ever seen in my 35 years of creating and solving crossword puzzles.

Crossword fans have many reference sources available to them, at home, in libraries, and online. This one book will replace them all: dictionaries, atlases, thesauruses, almanacs, crossword puzzle dictionaries, and Internet search engines.

Every crossword puzzle editor in the country will be using this book as a reference source when writing clues; therefore, every crossword puzzle solver should have this book to turn to when stumped by one of their clues.

For all who love crossword puzzles, from two men who love crossword puzzles, this remarkable book is destined to be not just another crossword dictionary, but the crossword dictionary.”
- Wayne Robert Williams, crossword editor, Chicago Tribune

“Surely the most comprehensive crossword clue-and-answer resource ever compiled, a cornucopia of cruciverbal lore from two savvy veterans of the crossword trade. We especially love the generous servings of popular-culture knowledge.”
- Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, crossword creators, Boston Globe and Atlantic Monthly

“Go ahead. Open this book to any one of its 1,200+ pages, then compare it yourself to the corresponding page of any other crossword dictionary on the shelf. You'll see what anyone who knows puzzles will see: In every way - currency, usefulness, and comprehensiveness - no other crossword dictionary comes even remotely close. Newman and Stark are veteran crossword professionals. They know what should (and shouldn't) be in a 21st-century crossword dictionary, and have chosen their million words accordingly.

This is the book you want. Because, as the spaghetti sauce commercial says, 'It's in there.'”
- Fred Piscop, crossword editor, Washington Post Magazine

“You'll find 40 entries here under 'comprehensive.' I'd say that pretty well sums it up.”
- Mike Shenk, crossword editor, The Wall Street Journal

Comments from other reviewers:

- Games Magazine (February, 2004)

“This landmark compendium...will be a boon to solvers of crossword puzzles.”
- Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics (February, 2004)



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