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Million Word Crossword Dictionary FAQs


Q: Why will this book be so much more useful to me than any other crossword dictionary?
  • It is the only crossword dictionary based on the actual clues and answers in today’s puzzles.
  It has more than twice as many answers as any other crossword dictionary.
  It is the only crossword dictionary compiled entirely by crossword professionals.
  It will have the answer you’re looking for more than twice as often as any other crossword dictionary.

Q: Where did the material in this book come from?
A: The heart of The Million Word Crossword Dictionary is hundreds of thousands of clues and answers from actual crosswords. They were selected by the authors one by one, from an archive of more than 2,000,000 clues that have appeared in America’s most popular crosswords over the past 10 years. These entries were then supplemented by clues and answers that, based on the authors’ extensive experience in the crossword field, are most likely to be needed by puzzlers.

Q: What are these additional clues and answers, and where did they come from?
A: Additional synonym-type clues were gleaned from dozens of current dictionaries and thesauruses. Factual clues were obtained from hundreds of authoritative reference books and Web sites. Every factual subject area that appears in today’s crosswords is comprehensively covered. These include academic subjects such as science, literature, and geography; popular culture including films, music, and celebrities; and contemporary life such as slang, politics, and brand names. Thus, The Million Word Crossword Dictionary is the only book that fully reflects the diversity of contemporary crosswords. No other reference book of any kind includes all of these: members of the British Commonwealth, songs of George Gershwin, characters in Aïda, films of Brad Pitt, colors of Crayola crayons, and the names of Santa’s reindeer.

Q: Why are there so few answer words more than 10 letters long?
A: With only occasional exceptions, “synonym” answers of 11 letters or more have been omitted because more than 95 percent of all “synonym” crossword answers are 10 letters or less. This has made possible the inclusion of many more shorter synonyms that are far more likely to be answers to puzzle clues.

Q: Are there really more than 1,000,000 words in this book?
A: Yes, there are exactly 1,355,276 words in this book, as counted by our computer. You’re welcome to check our count, if you’d like.



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