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Stanís All-Time Toughest Crossword -- Yours for the Asking!

A few years ago, Stan Newman ran two mail-in crossword-solving contests, with puzzles that make his "Saturday Stumpers" look easy.  They were "The Beast" by Henry Hook (now Boston Globe crossword author) and "Son of the Beast" by Mike Shenk (now Wall Street Journal crossword editor).

With extremely devious cluing and and an "extra wrinkle" to make solving even tougher, "Son of the Beast" was the trickier of the two.

If you've got a few (maybe more than a few) spare hours, Stan invites you to try "Son of the Beast."

Just fill in your name and e-mail address below, then click on "Submit."  Stan will e-mail two pages back to you: a copy of the puzzle and an annotated solution, each in PDF format.

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